Child Inclusive Mediation 

Can you include children in mediation?

Child Inclusive Mediation (CIM) is the mediation process in the UK which can involve children in the mediation process

Mary Raymont is qualified to carry out child inclusive mediation

How can a child be included in the mediation process?

Child Inclusive Mediation


Child-inclusive mediation provides opportunities for children and young people to have their voices heard directly during the process of mediation, to help them feel respected and listened to.

This may be at their request or at the suggestion of parents and carers.  The aim is to assist parents or carers to receive, understand and take account of the child's messages and/or suggestions regarding decisions and arrangements for the child.   Mediation can include the voice of your child if you wish by bringing your child or children into the mediation process. This is done in sensitively and in a way that is appropriate to their age.


Mary Raymont is qualified to meet children in mediation.





When should children be consulted?

The Family Mediation Council Code of Practice for Family Mediators says:


 The Mediator must encourage the Participants  to  consider  the  children’s   wishes and feelings. All children and young people aged 10 and above should be offered the opportunity to have their voices heard directly during the Mediation, if they wish. 


It remains a parents choice as to whether your child is consulted within the mediation process.

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