The Certainty Project 

The Certainty project .


The Certainty Project is designed to try allow families attending mediation to  come to an agreement if you can, but if you can’t, you can move into the arbitration process.

An arbitrator will than  make a decision for you. You may not like that decision and it may not be what you would have liked to occur. In this respect this is no different to the Court; however, at least you will know that the person who made the decision has the skills and the qualification to do so and has been focused on your case and your case alone.


How does it work ?


You both agree to work within the framework of The Certainty Project and appoint solicitors who understand the project and agree to work to the project’s ethos of cooperation and non-confrontational provision of expert advice.

You both select an Arbitrator from The Certainty Project Panel, this Arbitrator may be a Solicitor Arbitrator or a Barrister Arbitrator or even a retired Judge (depending on the complexity of your case) and your solicitor can advise you about this.

You both will sign the relevant Arbitration forms which initiate the process, and your Arbitrator will then take control and manage it from beginning to end.

In financial matters the Arbitrator will direct disclosure. Your solicitors will then help you prepare this disclosure so that everyone’s cards are on the table. If an expert is needed eg. on pensions, or property issues, or company valuations, then the solicitors will ask the Arbitrator for further direction ordering an Expert Report.

Solicitors will help you prepare the disclosure and will advise you fully.
You both will then attend mediation with a Certainty Project expert Mediator. That mediator will have as much of the disclosure as they need to engage in the process. You and your former partner, with the help of the Mediator, will then try to reach an agreement between yourselves as to how to settle your case. One of the key benefits and greatest strengths of The Certainty Project Mediation vs General Mediation is that under The Certainty Project framework you have two options – you and your partner have the ability either to agree everything that needs to be decided or alternatively just some of the issues.





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